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Component Interfaces

Prof. Cesare Pautasso

API Design

Design Advice

API Examples

Where to find APIs?

Operating Systems

Programming Languages

Standard libraries of any language runtime

Hardware Access

Abstractions to program any kind of hardware device

User Interfaces

Widgets, Gadgets, Controls


Standardized database access

Web Services

Remote access through standardized protocols:

Examples: Google, Amazon WS, Facebook Graph, Twitter Firehose, Salesforce

API Evolution

Only one chance... get the design right:

API Evolution

API Compatibility

3 Versions Rule

Claus Hagen

Up to 3 versions of an API exist at the same time:

Before v4.0 can be added, v1.0 needs to be retired

1435mm Standard Gauge
1668mm Iberian Gauge
1524mm Russian Gauge
1000mm RhB (Swiss Alps)

Compatible Interfaces



Mismatch Example

id upload(user, image); image download(id); setTitle(id, title); title getTitle(id); ids[] list(user);
id upload(user, image, title); {user, title, time} getImageMetaData(id); image getImageData(id); ids[] list();

Are Interfaces A and B equivalent?


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