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Business Process Modeling, Management and Mining

Business Process Model and Notation

Prof. Cesare Pautasso
[email protected]

Event Gateway

Branch the control flow depending on which intermediate event happens first

Event Gateway Example

Wait to receive a payment for up to 30 days. If the payment is late, send a reminder


Messages vs. Signals

Messages are exchanged between one source and one destination

Signals are broadcast to all interested parties (publish/subscribe)

Timer Events

Instantiate a process periodically

Delay Control Flow for some time

Error Events

Indicate that a process failed

Terminate Events

Immediately stop the execution of all activities of the process

Example: Race B against C and terminate the process when the first completes

Escalation Events

Delegate to a higher level of authority

Sub Process

Progressive refinement, abstraction of details

Boundary Events

React to internal events happening during the SubProcess execution

Boundary ⇒ Intermediate and Catching


Stop the execution of all activities within the subprocess (default)

Control flow continues outside the subprocess


Continue the execution of any activities within the subprocess

Control flow continues both inside and outside the subprocess

Time Boundary Events


Messaging Events

Boundary Events

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