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Business Process Modeling, Management and Mining

BPM3 Definitions

Prof. Cesare Pautasso
[email protected]

BPM Goals

Analyze, design, execute and re-engineer business processes

Make business processes more efficient and effective: deliver more value for less cost

Fabio Casati


Successful organisations hire and reward the best people and explicitly manage and continuously improve their processes


Processes are what organisations do

Every external interaction triggers a process

Every internal action involves a process


What is my process?

What is the goal of my process?

How do I measure my success?
How does my manager measure it?

What works? What does not work? Why?

How to improve?

You are working for a dysfunctional organization if you cannot answer these questions.

Who does what when

  1. Resources, People, Operators, Software Systems
  2. Activities, Tasks, Operations, Steps
  3. Processes, Coordination, Control and Data Flow


The automation of a business process where documents, information to be processed or tasks to be carried out are passed from one participant to another following a set of procedural rules

Workflow Management Coalition, 1993

Business Process Re-Engineering

Continuous Process Improvement

Wil van der Aalst


Groupware (CSCW)


People and Processes


Processes encompass one or more roles. Typical roles are hierarchically organized into companies, divisions, departments, functions.

Roles are made of users with a common characteristic: programmers, lawyers, managers, consultants, secretaries, accountants.

They identify a pool of interchangeable human resources capable of dealing with a concrete set of tasks.


Processes and their activities should be defined based on abstract roles

Running processes that depend on the presence and availability of specific individuals is not sustainable, nor scalable

Each process instance should have a process owner, who is responsible of its success

Flexible Processes

Flexible Workflow

How to deal with unpredictable situations?

The plan can be completed based on knowledge available only after the process has started

How to tailor the process to each customer?

The plan needs to be adjusted based on the process context and initial conditions

Modeling Processes



Activities correspond to state transitions of the document at the center of the process

Activities are executed as specified by the control flow of the process


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